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Coronavirus and the Removals Industry

The Coronavirus pandemic has been a huge strain on many of the UK’s businesses over the last few months, including the moving industry.

As governments make significant contingency plans in response to the coronavirus, removals businesses are rapidly adjusting to the changing requirements of their people, their customers, and supply chains, whilst navigating the financial and operational trials and tribulations.

As with every industry sector, function, and worldwide region affected, the amount of potential change to consider can be unnerving; no-less in the removals and relocation sector where interaction is paramount.

So how has Coronavirus in the Removals Industry hampered many of the business operations?

Currently, business owners are faced with overwhelming, competing challenges and uncharted waters as they continue to navigate the impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Business owners have had to prioritize the new way of working, focusing on supporting their people, customers, and suppliers, and formulating responses to supply chain disruption in order to keep things running and in some cases, survive to keep businesses open.

Also, businesses have sought to stabilize revenues and customer care, to reshape their businesses to align with growing demand and find new growth stream opportunities whilst usual streams suppress as a result of a severe overreaction to the pandemic in many areas of Global Governance.

Looking Ahead Where Possible for Removals

Businesses are now looking at the next phase of unprecedented unpredictability in their fields, with minimal hope of recovering the economy, increase in competition, and opportunity threat.

The future seemingly isn’t not looking at a return to pre-Covid operations but likely, a decade of swift changing cultures and behaviors as set out by the likes of the World Economic Forum and their ‘Great Reset’ agenda which will impact every aspect of the industry.

“The Pandemic gives us a rare but narrow window of opportunity to reflect, reimagine and reset our world”

– Klaus Schwab, Founder of the World Economic Forum

Against this backdrop, leaders face the task of reopening their businesses. To overcome uncertainty, reopening and continuation also require ‘reinvention’. This presents an opportunity for many companies to build the capabilities they wish they’d invested in before but were not necessary.

Trying to teach an old dog new tricks, hasn’t fared well in many traditional industries; Man and Van, Removals, and Shipping being prime examples, all affected by Coronavirus thus, impacting the removals industry.

These include going digital, data management, and innovation, plus leveraging operational function, automation, and agility. This agility will be core to the long-term aptitudes they build.

Leaders should and in most cases must consider the steps they take to reopen as the first in a long journey of wider transformation. Unfortunately, this will be a necessity rather than a timely, well-planned projection.

The latest guidelines from the UK Government stipulate that you can still move home even under ‘lockdown’ or ‘circuit breaker’ restrictions.

Lettings and Estate Agents, together with removals companies, can continue to work, and those looking to move home can continue to do so. For more information, follow the national guidance on moving home safely, which includes advice on social distancing and wearing a face covering.

Helping to ensure the smooth operation of the sector, professional bodies including the BAR, have been partnering with the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government (MHCLG) to update guidance and recommendations in Coronavirus periods.

This highlights the continual need for inter-industry collaboration with all, hence the industry has aligned its processes with sector guidance developed by the Ministry of Housing, Communities and Local Government.

How Easy Shipping are Conducting Moves During the Pandemic and Guidance for Clients

  • Clients must ensure that all surfaces have been cleaned prior to the moving crew’s arrival.
  • If self-packing – Clients must ensure this is completed before the moving crew arrive, to minimise congestion is areas of the property.
  • Clients must ensure that a minimum number of property owners/residents are present during the move. Keep this to one person if possible.
  • During the move, we advise that no other trades personnel are present, including electricians, plumbers, builders etc
  • If anyone is feeling unwell before moving day we ask to consider rescheduling.

Conducting Moves

  • Clients to asses their health on the day. If there are any symptoms, ensure the move is postponed.
  • The foreman will conduct a check in accordance to Easy Shipping’s Covid Policy and once approved, will commence with the move.
  • The foreman will asses the moving crew and ensure they are equipped with appropriate PPE equipment.
  • All vehicles will have no more than two members of crew assigned. Any more than two will result in extra vehicles being used.
  • The proprietor must ensure the property is ventilated by allowing vents, windows and doors to remain open throughout the moving operation.

The Future for Removals- New and Old ‘Normal’

The Removals industry has changed many aspects of operation in ways that were unimaginable 12 months ago.

Thriving for some normality, whilst time-frames are unknown, will always be evident in an industry that relies on close contact and interaction with colleagues and clients.

We have been given a target of Spring 2021 for a return to some form of ‘Old Normal’, dependent on the success of a heavily debated vaccine.

One thing is certain, the Pandemic has not deterred people from relocating, if anything, it has given them the driving-force to accelerate it.

Whilst some aspects of the removals industry have taken hits, mainly on an International front within the Shipping and Freight service, domestic and commercial moving will remain to be a driver in the success of all Removals businesses in the UK.

The question remains – Have we inadvertently ruined much of the World’s workforce for something which could have been avoided and can be easily managed?

Here is to a healthy, safe and ‘normal’ 2021!

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