UK to Italy – European Removals Services

UK to Italy – European Removals Services

UK to Italy | European Removals and Shipping

Regardless if you are moving to Italy or Sri Lanka, Easy shipping provide leading shipping and removals worldwide.

Are you moving for new opportunities in life or work, or heading for retirement? A smooth transition is our top priority.

In addition, to the services available for domestic moves, our international moving services guarantee one thing:

Excellence – No Matter the Destination

This means, we have a wealth of experience in making that move overseas and bringing you closer to your international move.

All shipment regulations, documentation and communications from our end to the final destination are handled by our expert team.

Basically, we offer two major transit modes for our international removals from the UK service. Your budget, end location and urgency for your removals will help determine the most appropriate method for you.

Overseas Removals Worldwide via Sea Freight

Overall, Sea freight is the most economical way to send shipments abroad from the UK. It’s advised to allow plenty of time for the delivery of your international removals.

Sea Freight Options:

Part Container Load:
If you are shipping the contents of a small apartment, flat, a small office, part load is the best option for you and you will only pay for the space your possessions occupy.

Full Container Load:
Is the favoured option for those shipping an entire home or large work offices etc. 20ft and 40ft containers are available.

Overseas Removals Worldwide via Air Freight

Firstly, air freight is the fastest way to move goods worldwide from the United Kingdom.

Therefore, air freight removals costs are calculated on the total weight of your load, which could be costly.

Secondly, this means, it is best if you are sending minimal items of furniture, a one-bedroom apartment, or one or two specific rooms.

Finally when removals arrive at the end destination, there are a number of options, each varying in cost and transit time.

Door to Door UK Removals and Shipping to Italy

To conclude – as one of the leading moving companies, we like to take care of everything.

Moreover, you can sit back, relax and await the arrival of your removals:

A move co-ordinator to organise removals from start to finish & answer any queries

Packers and movers to pack possessions in the best industry approved packing

Removals loaded onto shipping container or taken for loading onto aircraft

Goods cleared, delivered and unloaded at your new location – or made available to collect at chosen airport

International removals fees, customs clearance and terminal fees